Dance/Movement Therapy Sessions


Dance/Movement Therapy is all about mind and body connection. Change in state of mind brings a shift in body and vice versa. The facilitator helps you express using words, body movement, emotions, memories, and creative props. The therapist is extensively trained in creating a completely safe environment for you to feel free and open.

DMT is founded on the fact that our mind and body are connected with each other and therefore a change in state of mind will bring about a change in the state of body and vice versa. In a DMT session along with verbal expression, the expression of the body and its movement are also incorporated because our memories, emotions, and feelings reside in our body. The therapist and the client co-create a safe space and utilize this safe space to discover, understand, explore and/or express the feelings and emotions of the client. The overarching goal is to provide resources for the client to safely feel and express their emotions.

With Individuals

In a one-on-one session, the specific needs of the clients are looked into and the sessions are accordingly tailored to meet those needs. The first few sessions will be dedicated to rapport building and co-curating the goals with the clients. These goals will be then met through body-based interventions, supported by verbal and art-based interventions.

With Groups

DMT group work is a space where a group of individuals ( here the members of the group may or may not know each other) comes together and experience and also witness each other's experience. Goals of the group may be pre-decided before the group is formed, for example, groups for self-care, team building, mindfulness, inner child work, and so on. Sometimes the goals are not pre-decided and the groups after they are formed decide among each other what are the possible areas of concern that they would like to work on. Interpersonal relationships and group dynamics that arise in each group are one of the major components of group work in DMT.

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