Pallavi Shimpi

Founder & Psychotherapist
Key Offerings
  • Online Therapy for Indians Abroad 
  • Dance Movement Therapy Sessions
  • Group Therapy Sessions 
  • Workshops & Webinars 
  • Corporate Wellness Sessions


Pallavi Shimpi is a Mental Health Therapist specialised in working with women to get through challenging life experiences so that they can manage their emotions and challenges effectively.

In last 5 years she has been part of over 1500 journeys. She is known for her integrated & creative approach as she works with regulating your nervous system.


Working with the root cause, detangling patterns and ethical practices are some of the core qualities as a therapist which are reflected in her achievement history: 

  • Psychologist specialised in Counseling, SNDT University, Mumbai. 
  • Certified Dance Movement Therapy Facilitator, CMTAI, Bangalore. 
  • Certified Gestalt Therapy Practitioner, TTGL, Mumbai. 
  • Certified Sports Counselor, Symbiosis, Pune. 
  • Certified Pranic Healer, Pranic Healing Foundation of India. 
  • Certified in Integral Somatic Psychotherapy Practitioner. 
  • Licensure Committee Member at Indian Association of Dance Movement Therapy. 
  • Member of Creative Movement Therapy Association of India. 
  • Member of WICCI Mental Health Council 
  • Member of Business Networking International

Pallavi has been working with groups and individuals. Women centric issues, Trauma informed work and Somatically (bodily) manifested issues are the areas of her expertise. Using psychodynamic, expressive art therapy and psychosomatic framework in her sessions she has been part of many journeys leading them towards loving their inner child, meeting their higher self and strengthening their sense of being.

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